Chairman's Blog

Welcome to the new season and all the new members of the club

As some of you may have heard I agreed to be the Chairman and take over from Ray at the start of 2013. May I take this opportunity to congratulate Ray on all he did for the club during his term the new umbrella's really look good in the summer.

In my opinion it's very exciting times for the club, Chiltern have merged with us so I would like to take the opportunity to welcome the new players to the club. We now have five Saturday league teams and three squares to prepare which will be a challenge to our ground staff and our selection committee to find players when we get into the holiday season, so please make sure you all update your availability early in the week.

The first games took place on the 20th in glorious sunshine and were a great success considering winter did not seem to want to leave these shores. It's the first time in my memory that the club turned out three team's in pre-season so well done to Stuart the new Selection Manager. Stuart's job is difficult at the best of times so please support him in any way you can.

As some of you may have seen, read or just heard the rumours during the closed season the outfield has been re-modelled by a lovely family of Badger's. I am a great fan of Badger's don't get me wrong, but if Ray thought he would test my management skills so early in my Chairmanship's by throwing me an out swinging, in ducking, leg break, doosra, zoota first up, thanks. Trying to find a new Tea lady would have been a far harder challenge Ray !

After a number of first's which included a live BBC TV broadcast from the ground, we will be ready for the new league season as the club has secured an emergency grant from the ECB to re-turf the playing surface as it was deemed un-playable. This work started yesterday under the watchful eye of Tim and Tim has posted pictures on Facebook for all those interested. Tim is a little camera shy but makes a great cameo supporting role appearance on ITV news and without Tim's hard work the ground would not look as great as it does and remember that when you walk out to bat in May. Please all buy Tim a beer when you see him around the club.

I would also like to thank Paul who clearly has a role to play in media in the future when his hair turns white, I liken him to the famous Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf who's famous quote goes like this - "There are no Badger infidels at Rickmansworth Cricket Club. Never !" But in truth without Paul's efforts we would not have got all the media attention and that has lead to the ECB taking notice so thank you Paul.

Thank you to all who attended the AGM, it was a great night and a number of key discussions where made. I will try and summarise these here:

Media: -

We now have a new website and a twitter account @RickyCC_1787. Please become a member of the website as we will use it for News, Results, Match Reports, Statistics and much more.

Captain's: -
1st XI - Ray Collins
2nd XI - Benn Glazier
3rd XI - Stuart Squires
4th XI - Richard Harewood
5th XI - Paul Blackwell
Sunday XI - Sean Lindsey

I would like to thank all the captains for standing and wish them good luck for the season.

Subscriptions: -

Charlie Bennett agreed to take over the treasurers role in the winter and has worked hard to put together a financial package that will see the club return to profit in 2013, as long as all the monies are collected. A number of options were proposed at the AGM and it was voted by the members that going forward the club would re-introduce a membership fee and reduce the match fee.

Senior membership £50
Junior membership £35
Match fee £10

Membership fees must be paid by the 11th May if you would like to continue playing for the club. This can be played in cash or cheque to the captain's or directly to the club's bank account.

For details of the club's bank account please email Charlie - I would strongly recommend paying you money directly to the bank account to take the pressure off the captains.

Match fees must be paid on the day of the game and it will be two strikes and you will then not be considered for selection.

There will be no excuses for not paying your memberships or match fees in 2013, as the club is not in a position to carry non paying players I am afraid. If I have to badger you it will not set a good tone for the season.

Training: -

Training will be on Thursday between 18:00 - 20:00, for all senior playing members.

Ray has agreed to run training on Thursday night's and will add a little bit of structure so we can practice the skills we forget to take onto the field of play.

This year will also see some of the older junior's joining training so please set a good example to the younger members.

We will also have new nets in 2013 to improve training, these will have no cages to start with until I secure the funding so please be careful if you are moving to current cages around.

So dust off your kit for the first practice this Thursday.

And finally I'm crossing my fingers for a dry summer so we get plenty of cricket and the pitches are hard and fast. I will be personally pushing hard to play on the new covered main square so watch your back's in the second team.

Good Luck and enjoy your season and support all the clubs members.

Mark Raine
Rickmansworth Cricket Club Chairman