Past Legends

James Weedon

Nickname - "Weedo"

One of Ricky's nice guys and one of England's most loyal fans. Travelling all round the world year after year watching England play. 2006 was an indifferent year for big Jimbo as runs would flow infrquently every other week with a handful of ducks in between. A drop down to the seconds showed what the big fella is capable of but Ricky need the big man in the 1st XI at 6. Hopefully one day we will see that potential restored, but for now Jim is in semi-retirement in Oxford.

James has the ability to employ great staff which is always a bonus. But the real mystery, Miss Marple, is what on earth Jim was doing in the Allrounders section - unless of course this is a reference to his ever increasing girth.

All Time Bowling : 82 wickets at 20.27
All Time Batting : 1473 runs at 12.2

Sacha Hattea

Nickname - "The Fat Hat Man"

Sacha joined Rickmansworth from rivals Chorleywood after they dropped him for being overweight. He was looking forward to a great 2006 when he tried to pick up a girl in a club and broke his hand - some advice Sacha "try to pick on the ones less than 20 stone next time !"

A good couple of years in the 1st XI tailed off in 2009 as his wedding loomed large and in 2010 Sacha didn't make any appearances at all as he moved to Putney (posh git!). Retired too early as he was just 62 runs away from 1000 runs. You could have reached that by 2015 Sash...

All time Batting : 938 runs at 19.5

Zawar Hussein

Nickname - "The Beast"

Apart from Middlesex and Stanmore, Zawar has hardly played any cricket. In fact he is best known for his beautifully defined muscles and extraordinarily powerful biceps and triceps. Ooo-err. In fact, Zawar would rather be pumping iron than running 26 yards - hence his propensity for hitting sixes whenever he can. Why run when you can stroll....
Easily the top league run scorer in one season for Ricky for the last 10 years. Well at least until Taz came along.
2008 Average : 655 runs at 50.4

Xavier Davis

Nickname - "X man"

What a catch Xavier turned out to be. An array of stunning shots, coupled with spin bowling which turns square on occasion AND a beautiful girlfriend in tow (teachers never looked that good in my day), Xavier really does have it all. A maiden 100 for the club (alright in a Sunday friendly) and lots of wickets for the man they call Leo. The Chipperfield scorer thought that Xav and Neil Davies were brothers due to the similar surnames. Well I guess you can see the striking resemblance can't you !

Xav's favourite tipple is anything czechoslovakian.

We hope Xav may come back one day - we hope.

All time Bowling ; 48 wickets at 23.0

All time Batting : 962 runs at 27.5 (including 8 half centuries)

Tony Hall

Nickname - "Show Pony"

Very much the Christiano Ronaldo of the Rickmansworth team, Tony as he is affectionately known, came on a free transfer from Chorleywood over the Winter of 05/06. Tony has a slight injury problem - that is, if he doesn't have one before the game then he will try and manufacture one during it. Of course, this makes him all the more precious when he hits the winning runs or takes a wonder catch. And, of course, Tony does do exactly that. He took a wicket with his first ball for Ricky in both league and cup games, and more recently guided Ricky to a famous win over local rivals Chipperfield. Tends to disappear in the field, but only when it is his turn to buy a round. Tony can now be found on the Golf courses of Moor Park.

Take a look at those all-time averages. And imagine what he would have done in 300 games, not 33.

All time Bowling ; 54 wickets at 12.17

All time Batting ; 867 runs at 34.7

Dave Allison

Nickname - "Big Dave"

Big Dave Allison. 2005 was a big year for Mr Allison with a number of life changing decisions having been made. Building his own house and deciding to join Rickmansworth while also proposing to the beautiful Stephanie. Success on all counts with 48 wickets and with some help from a young Australian labourer the house is almost ready. In tandem with the colonel, a match winning partnership has been put in place. Ohh and Steph said yes. But given that Dave is without doubt the best looking member of the 1st team, as well as the most intelligent, this makes him quite a catch.

Dave retired from serious Cricket in 2009, but with bowling figures as below you can see how much he was missed.

All time Batting : 324 runs at 11.2
All time Bowling : 130 wickets at 12.82

Amit Pau

Amit is an opening bowler that bowls with good pace and accuracy, he bowls for long spells and is always attacking.

Amit had a good 2008 season but it would have been ever better if the fielders had not let him down with dropped catches, Amit will be looking to have a super season in 2009 and will be the leader of the attack. In 2008 Amit led the line with 35 wickets at 20.14. Amit made a comeback in 2017 which was cut short by injury. But hopefully sometime in 2018 we hope to see him back in the Green and Gold

Ian Almond

Nickname: "Three Seconds"

Known as Tug Boat. The slowest teenager ever, constantly running in treacle. However makes up for it with some beautiful hard turning offspin. Misses large parts of early season for no particular reason. Great things are expected of Ian each season and this may be his season. Also noted for his ability to skull a pint in less time than it takes him to run a single. Up to you to guess what it takes him 3 seconds to do that takes a normal man 10 minutes !

Ian likes roller skating, eating out, making new friends and watching mummer plays. He is looking for a girl with a GSOH, athleticism and a left-handed bowling action. He will travel.

Keith Robinson

Nickname - "The Colonel"

Ex 3rd team skipper and opening batsmen for many years and now the 1st team umpire. The Colonel has the most bizarre record imaginable, as an opening batsmen he has never got a fifty while scoring 49 many times. Some of the old folk in the bar look on with hard feelings.' This is jug avoidance at its best', commented an ex player Archie Yates. Now with a new pair of knees the colonel is now enjoying being in and around the club once again. Also uncle to the 1st team captain.

Often seen smoking a large cigar!!

Neil Davies

Nickname - "Windsor"

Neil has scored 6 runs in the last 2 years. And taken 6 less wickets.
After a spell on the transfer list for 2010 Neil was snapped up by a team near Aylesbury and now plys his trade on the turning wickets of Bucks.

Simon Jackson

Nickname - "Sicknote"

Known as sicknote. The greatest player never to play a full season. One of Ricky's most consistent performers and most consistently injured. Whether it be hamstrings, groins, back, fingers or torn testicles, nothing can stop this man playing half a season tops.
Simon was reportedly fit and raring to go for 2004 but dropped out a week before the season started. The same for 2005. In fact nobody actually remembers what Jacko looks like ! He has been approaching 5000 career runs for the club for the last 15 years - roll-on 2006/2007/2008/2009... !

* Lifetime Batting: 4870 at 28.2
2005 Batting: DNB
* Lifetime Bowling: 23 wickets at 20.4
2005 Bowling: DNB

Hasi Dias

Nickname - "The Space Man"

None of us remember how Hasi joined us in the first place. Maybe he fell to earth somehow. But what a treat it was to have him with us. An ex-combined Universities player, Hasi was a very classy batsman. Archie also said "the boy can bowl" and nobody knew more about Cricket than Archie. Hasi was great entertainment in the game and afterwards in the Bar. A prolific consumer of the strongest curries available, quite how Hasi and his shiny pate made it into his 30's we will never know. He also came on Cricket tours as well - one in Burton stands out as the finest every known.

* Lifetime Batting : 987 runs at 20.95
Top Score of 94

Gary Warriner

Nickname - "BOB"

Ah Mr flexible - except when it