Important Updates - Please Read (AGM and Nets amongst other things)

Important Updates - Please Read (AGM and Nets amongst other things)

By Paul Blackwell
24 December 2018
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Happy Holidays

Sincere apologies but due to unforeseen circumstances we have to change the date to the 8th February at 7.30pm at the Cricket Club. We will be confirming the captains and discussing other important business before the beginning of the season. It really helps to bring everyone together and if we can we aim to finish by 9.00pm at the latest

As Rickmansworth School were unable to accommodate us in our usual Thursday slots, or indeed any evening, the Committee contacted every local Sports Hall and venue to see what was possible. We had a handful of offers, but on review and consultation with some of the membership, they were all inferior in standard to Rickmansworth. The School then kindly came back with an offer of 1315 to 1430 on Sunday afternoons. Although this may clash with Sunday lunch for some, once again the members who responded to our polls said they would prefer to remain at Ricky than go elsewhere. So the decision is made. We will stay at Rickmansworth School

Nets will commence on the 27th January and run to the 31st March 2019, from 1.15pm to 2.30pm. The adults will have the far two nets and the youngsters will be assigned the first 3 nets. This extended 75 minute session should enable us to have around 8-9 people per net. Every member is encouraged to attend AND as an added bonus we will keep the cost at £5 per person, even though we are running for longer.

It has still been a busy time for the groundsmen and also the committee have made some decisions.

  • We have given the go ahead for an additional up to £700 of hollow tining work to take place on the square in January. This involves pencil sized holes being punched in the square to a depth of 1-2 inches. These enable better grass growth and connection between upper and lower levels, resulting in improved consistency and bounce. The holes are filled again with loam afterwards. It's a lot of money to us, added to the £5,000 already spent in the Winter, but with the teams all playing at higher levels the committee felt it vital to back the teams on the pitch, with an improved playing surface.

  • We have purchased 6 new A frame benches for the front of the clubhouse, and two 3-seater sturdy benches to be placed at appropriate spots around the ground. This, again, was by popular demand by the playing membership, and in particular Billy. It's amazing what a year as a spectator will make you think about! You can see them here but of course you will also be able to see them at the ground next season. Again, an investment, but something important for us going forwards

  • The mole pursuit has also continued apace, with 2 more caught just this week. There are probably only 2 or 3 left on the whole grounds. Once we eradicate the moles, we can then resettle the ground levels, repair the areas where the grass has been killed and remove as many stones as possible to make for a nicer fielding experience, particularly at the top ground. The moles breed in April, so if we have no moles by then, we could have a mole-free season for the first time in many lifetimes. Thanks to Chris and John (who plays for Shenley Village but lives in Croxley) who have taken on this task with perhaps somewhat inappropriate levels of enjoyment ! (only joking).

  • The outfield gangmowers have now been sent away for their winter service, sharpen and re-set. Again, another £800 we expect, but important for us that we have a great place for people to play.

And so that is it. Plenty of investment and also some dates for your diaries. The Committee is managing OK, but really we are one or two members short to do certain tasks. In particular, much of this investment you read about above could be coming from grants or sponsors. But we don't have anyone taking on this role yet with gusto. Our big objective is to have the outdoor nets match those we see at other grounds, - full length, full netting - but we need another £10,000 to bring this to fuition and whilst we are spending on other things we can never save up enough to make it happen.

We still need more players to commit to 2019 also. Let's try and get some along to indoor nets. 2019 is looking like a great season already. But for now, kick-back and enjoy the festive holidays, and we will meet up again in January.

Best wishes, Your RCC Committee

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